HHC - Year in Review
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2012 Year in Review

HHC Board of Directors

March 26, 2013


Every year, I report on the general state of HHC, review some of the accomplishments and challenges from the past year, and relate our most recent work to our strategic agenda moving forward.

Last year HHC continued to confront formidable challenges to our system and our mission. As we worked hard to weather the ongoing fiscal storm in healthcare that has driven our budget into deep deficit, we came up against a literal storm of historic magnitude that inflicted heavy damage. Superstorm Sandy battered several of our facilities, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of patients, and disabling two of our hospitals for an extended period of time. With two major facilities closed for many weeks, we suffered staggering revenue losses and still have much work to do to fully restore the impacted facilities and to better protect them from any further mega-storm damage going forward.

However, before the year-end storm diverted so much of our attention and resources, we achieved a number of important milestones that narrow our budget deficit, further the transformation of our system consistent with the demands of healthcare reform and position us to better serve our patients and communities in the future.